Likable Characters vs. Unlikable Characters

Many say a character is what makes a reader want to continue reading your story. I mean I can hardly argue with that. Characters are the bread and butter to any great story. Reading through some posts online recently, I’ve come to discover that people really enjoy likable characters, but what about the unlikable ones? I wouldn’t say the Mary Sues characters. Just the ones with the rotten personalities who just rub you the wrong way.


This has been on my mind lately. I really pay no attention to whether a character is likable or not and just make them how they are. I have one main character in one of my works in progress who is selfish, greedy, rude, and manipulative. That’s how he just is in the beginning. Of course, he becomes more rounded as a person as the story progresses. However, the question comes to mind would that kind of character really put some readers off from reading a book?

Like Geoffrey from Game of Thrones, there can be characters who you love to hate. He was a terrible person who didn’t have a single good trait about him to name of. These kind of characters tend to stay in your mind, though. You can’t always make your characters likable but you sure can make them unforgettable.

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2 thoughts on “Likable Characters vs. Unlikable Characters

  1. Love them or hate them, readers want compelling characters. Even the worst characters can be likable in their horribleness. Example: Tony Soprano. You can’t help but feel some sympathy – even empathy – for him because he struggles with who he is and the life he leads. We all struggle even though we don’t kill people for a living.


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